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Flemtec offers innovative technology solutions for a green future.

Sustainable Energy

Our low cost, low energy technology building blocks are modular, stackable solutions that are designed to run on renewable energy.


When connected to renewable power they do not produce any CO2. 


Ammonia is an ideal carbon free green fuel, is currently and used to make fertilizer and is the cheapest way to store energy in the long term. 

However, currently Ammonia production is very energy intensive and produces large amounts of CO2 (globally 487 million metric tons per year). 

Our novel technology produces Ammonia on site with no CO2 emissions (when connected to renewable energy) has much lower capital cost & low energy usage versus Haber Bosch process.


Clean water is vital for all, but current water technologies have large waste streams and require ongoing filter costs (RO systems) or are energy intensive (distillation).

Our system low energy water distillation system has a low waste stream and no ongoing filter costs. 


Produces Hydrogen gas onsite with our compact, low cost Electrolyzer. 

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