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Flemtec technology is the result of more than 20 years of research and development by the late John Fleming. His pioneering work developing technologies that literally have the power to change the world are now being continued by a team based in New Zealand and the USA.   

What Drives Us

John Fleming, our founder was born and educated in New Zealand. His mission of making better things in a better way and tread more lightly on the earth drove us to where we are today.

He dared to dream that there was a better way. 

John Fleming, an engineer from New Zealand looked at the world differently.

His vision was to live in a world where everyone had access to clean water, fuel and food.

His approach was to simplify designs and look at new ways of combining technology that others simply hadn't thought of before. Sadly John passed away in 2018, however the technologies and solutions that he developed for clean water, hydrogen and ammonia are being developed by the New Zealand and USA based teams. 

Our Story

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