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Our technology

Technologies for a more sustainable world


Our Ammonia system takes in hydrogen (green or otherwise) and takes nitrogen from the air and combines this to produce Ammonia. 


Flemtec Ammonia plants are net positive power producers and cost a fraction of large Haber plants.

Now it is possible to produce ammonia onsite and on demand minimizing storage and compliance costs.

Our system is small, portable, modular and scalable (starts at 11.4 MT/day). 

Our Ammonia system can be used on its own or with the other Flemtec technology systems for hydrogen and water.

Water - Thermally Optimized Vapor 

Existing water purification methods are either energy intensive, have large waste streams and costly filter replacement costs or ongoing chemical costs.

Now there is a way to have distilled quality water without the high energy cost or waste stream losses of reverse osmosis systems.

Our low energy water distillation system is over 300 times more efficient than simple distillation, producing 1.5 US GPM of distilled quality water from less than 1 kWh.

With a waste stream of 1% on extremely bad "municipal” quality water, our system doesn't waste water. Use to clean water or to concentrate waste streams for further value extraction 


Modular and scalable, our system starts at 1.5 US GPM (100 US GPM for 20' container)

With no membranes to replace, or ongoing chemical costs, our solution makes makes the most of our precious water and energy.



Initially, our hydrogen units were designed to be for use as a low cost visual flame effect fireplace. Our approach was to reduce the cost and simplify the design, resulting in a design that is up to 80% smaller than competitors and similar efficiency.

Our system produces hydrogen on site from electricity and water, no additional infrastructure, transport or storage required. Simply connect to water and power (renewable or otherwise).


Our system is modular and scalable system and has been designed to work with renewable energy.

Now you can cost effectively produce green hydrogen onsite and on demand.

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